Earls Colne Twinning Association

In Earls Colne there is a thriving Twinning Association that enables you and your family to enjoy entertaining a French family in your home and then visiting them in France.

Right now we have a number of French families on our waiting list, really keen to join us, but they need host families here.

What is meant by Twin Town?

Basically, it is where two communities in different countries establish a link which enables the citizens of both those communities to get to know each other. The aim is, quite simply, to let people discover what life is like in the twin town - how the people live, work and play. The building of individual friendships and shared experiences plays a vital part in better overall international relations.

Where Is Nonancourt?

Les Bords de L'Avre Since 1975 Earls Colne has been twinned with Nonancourt, a medieval market town in Normandy. Situated on the banks of the River Avre and surrounded by the green Normandy countryside, a pleasant and typically French small town. Founded at the beginning of the Middle Ages with the old fort and the church dating from that time, Nonancourt is now the county town for the district and is particularly lively in the summer and on market day.

What do we do?

Every year we get together, generally the May Day weekend, hosting alternate years. When our French friends visit us in England we usually host a dinner-dance and arrange a trip to a place of local interest such as Colchester Castle, a trip on the Thames, the London Eye, Hampton Court or Framlington Castle. Whilst in France in previous years, we have enjoyed trips to Versailles, Paris, Chantilly and Honfleur.

But a trip to France is not just about visiting cathedrals and ancient towns; there are opportunities to have loads of fun too with picnics and games for the young or the young-at-heart. Our children have particularly benefitted from the opportunity to learn or improve their French and as they have grown into adults they still have maintained friendships across the Channel. Nowadays, instead of cards and letters it is social networking sites that provide the means for these friendships to continue.

Both communities learn what life is like in their twin town how the people live, work and play. In many cases this has meant lasting friendships between families where nationality and language has proved to be no barrier to having a great time together.

Despite its name the Earls Colne Twinning Association has members from outside the village and we welcome members from all the Colnes, Chappel, Sudbury and Coggeshall. Everyone is welcome to join us in one of the most successful twinning associations in East Anglia.

How to Join

Membership is easy and inexpensive, so if you are interested in joining, or would like to find out more about the association and our social events, please contact the membership secretary, on 01787 223313 or via our website.