Brickfield and Long Meadow Nature Reserve

The Brickfield This is a very important place for plants and insects. It has to be managed to prevent it being overtaken by Blackthorn scrub. A major feature of the meadow is the hundreds of anthills found here. Beneath the hard crust of the anthills are cities of tiny yellow ants. Many other species of insects live amongst the grasses and wildflowers which thrive here. Take a careful look among the anthills and the plants to see what amazing things you can find.

The Long Meadow

This meadow has been grazed for many years and has had little artificial fertiliser. This makes it very important for wildlife. Many different kinds of grasses and wildflowers can be found here, the most common being yarrow, birdsfoot and trefoil, knapweed and ox-eye daisy. take a closer look at the meadow and you will discover the many species of butterflies and other insects that thrive there.