Colne Engaine History Society

Colne Engaine History Society

Our society was formed in 1984 to "Advance the public in the education of Colne Engaine and surrounding areas by the collection and preservation of relevant documents and photographs".

The objects of the society are to identify, list and preserve written, spoken and pictorial material relating to the history of the parish and village of Colne Engaine and to make its own materials and listings available to individuals or groups to research and/or publish.

We still have a lot to do, we must complete cataloguing the archival material we already have, and will continue to update these records with material as it becomes available. Anyone with any material that may be of value please contact us.

In the future we we will be publishing a series of papers based on the Society's own and other available material. We have a computer database of names, places, events, newspaper extracts, etc with currently 13,592 entries and growing. There is also a photograph archive of over 1300 pictures.
If you would like a search done free of charge please contact Jill Fleming.

Please note this is only for Colne Engaine and not the surrounding villages.

Colne Engaine War Memorial at St Andrews Church

The War Memorial in St Andrew's Church, Colne Engaine, like most others, gives a list of names of men who died in the two World Wars. A list is just a list if there is no knowledge of who the men were and what happened to them.

The History Society is interested in finding out as much as possible about each man in the hope that possibly one day a book could be written for posterity. There seems no rhyme or reason to the names selected, and in searching for those named it became apparent that some other men could have been included. Perhaps they are on a memorial elsewhere. Nevertheless they are part of Colne Engaine history.

Read the list of names of men who are listed on the War Memorial in St Andrew's Church, Colne Engaine.

If anyone has any queries or can provide information about any of the names mentioned on the list please E-mail Jill Fleming.

Any Photographs of the men would be most welcome.

Publications published by CEHS

  • Colne Engaine “The Story of an Essex Village” £4.50
  • “Harry The Story of an Essex Countryman” £3.00
  • Colne Engaine “Parish Road Walks” £2.50
  • The Saville family of Colne Engaine £4.00
  • “Colne Engaine: Reflections of Our Village” which has lots of information about people who lived in Colne Engaine. It is an A5 book of 70 pages including 32 black & white photographs. £5.00

Publications published by Jane Greatorex a Local Historian and handled by the society

  • Shelcroft Field , The Mannings and Beyond £1.75
  • Overshot Mill, Colne Engaine Essex £2.70
  • Goldingtons Manor, Colne Engaine, Essex £3.80
  • Frank Martin & Sons Ltd £3.70

All the books are available mail order from:

Colne Engaine History Society
Courtauld Memorial Hall
1 Station Road
Colne Engaine

Please add 75p for P&P